Latest Rufus 3.8 Build 1580 Final

Latest Rufus is an application that will help you to make a bootable flashdisk easily and quickly. For those of you who want to install Windows via Flasdisk, you can use this software called Rufus. Rufus is one application that is highly recommended to make windows installation from a flash.
Here we share the Latest Rufus Full Version, so you can directly use it to create a windows installer on your flashdisk. Please download this Rufus on the link that we have provided below.

What's new:

Add a cheat mode to zero a device (Alt-Z)
Fix dual BIOS / UEFI mode not being disabled once enabled (Alt-E)
Fix a crash when Syslinux downloaded files are modified by a firewall
Fix FAT32 not being disabled for Windows ISOs in BIOS / CSM mode
Additional translation updates

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