Seblak Red

Seblak Red 

    120 gr raw crackers
    50 gr Macaroni
    3 bh sausages
    4 boiled brohers
    2 eggs
    700 ml of water
    5 orange leaves
    Sufficient sugar salt
    Sufficient powder broth
    Ground spices :
    20 grams of red cayenne or according to taste
    2 knots
    2 pcs of red chilli, remove the seeds
    7 pcs of dried chilli, throw out the seeds
    7 red onions
    3 garlic cloves


    Blend fine spices with a little cooking oil so that it's easy

    Heat a little oil, saute sausages and eggs, set aside.

    Saute the spices with orange leaves, cook until the chilli releases red oil

    Add water, after boiling, put the macaroni and boiled claw

    After the macaroni expands, add the crackers and stir-fry sausages, powdered broth sugar salt

    Cook until the crackers are quite chewy don't need to be soft.

    Boiled eggs are only for styling, but if you like, you can add them

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