Recipe for making Special Es Teler

Recipe for making Special Es Teler

ingredients that need to be prepared:

     2 avocados, scrunched wide.
     3 jackfruit, thinly sliced.
     ½ melon, round shape.
     1 young coconut, kerok.
     200 ml of young coconut water.
     Red jelly to taste, slice the dice.
     White sweetened condensed milk to taste.
     Ice cubes as needed.
     Red syrup to taste.

Make Special Es Teler

     Prepare all the fruits that have been cut in each place. After that, take a few bowls to arrange the fruits. Then, put all ingredients in the bowl (only fruit, young coconut, and gelatin).
     Next, put ice cubes, which can be square or shaved. Then, pour young coconut water according to taste.
Add sweetened condensed milk on top and followed by syrup.
Es Teler Special is ready to be served.

You only need 5 minutes to arrange it all for your family

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