How to make a typical Jogja ice cream salad

How to make a typical Jogja ice cream salad

The ingredients needed to make ice cream salad:

    300 grams of kedondong
    Mango manalagi 300 grams
    Cucumber 300 grams
    Bengkoang 300 grams
    300 grams pineapple
    Red pepper to taste (according to taste)
    In moderation of cayenne pepper (according to taste)
    Apply fried or grilled 2 teaspoons
    70 grams of Java sugar
    Tamarind water 1 tablespoon
    100 ml boiled water

ingredients needed to make ice cream or ice puter:

    1 liter thick coconut milk
    Pandan leaves 1 sheet, make a knot
    150 grams of sugar
    Fine salt ½ teaspoon
    Maize flour 1 tablespoon, dissolve using 3 tablespoons of water
    200 grams of young coconut, finely chopped

Steps to make ice puter manually:

    Boil thick coconut milk together with salt until hot, add pandan leaves and sugar. Boil until boiled and cooked. Don't forget to stir slowly and continuously so the coconut milk doesn't break
    Pour the cornstarch solution into the coconut milk stew. Stir until evenly distributed and lift and let stand for a while until cool.
    Take the pandannya leaves, then enter the young coconut that has been chopped, stirring - stir until blended.
    Put your homemade ice cream in the freezer until it is frozen or for 5 hours
    Use a mixer to smooth the texture of the ice cream or you can also use a spoon in a way to dredge
    Then keep the ice back in the freezer until frozen
    Repeat steps 5 - 6 to get smooth ice cream texture.

How to make ice cream salad:

    Peel and wash all fruits that will be used to make ice cream salad. Draw fruit and mix it into one. After that, save the fruit that has been shaved into the refrigerator.
    While waiting for the cold fruit, you can make gravy or seasoning. Boiled sir, tamarind, Javanese sugar, red chili, cayenne pepper, salt and fried shrimp paste. Boil until boiling and do not forget to stir it. Lift then strain. Let stand for a while until the sauce is cold.
    The next step is presentation. Enter a variety of fruits that have been shaved into a small bowl or glass according to your taste.
    Flush the broth or spices that you have made, then put ice cream or ice on it.

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