Chicken breast with tomatoes and basil in the oven

Chicken breast with tomatoes and basil in the oven

    Spicy chicken breast, baked in the oven with green basil, tomatoes and cream cheese, will temporarily transfer you to distant Italy. The delicate taste of juicy meat can not be forgotten. This dish is very quickly prepared and even more quickly disappears from the plates.

Chicken Breast with Tomatoes

Necessary ingredients:

    dried tomatoes - 120 g
    olive oil - 50 g
    black and white ground pepper
    basil greens - 1 beam
    mozzarella cheese - 100 g
    Feta cheese - 100 g
    chicken breasts - 2 pcs

Step-by-step instruction

    Sun-dried tomatoes are crushed, basil is chopped, cheese is broken or chopped. Rinsed and dried chicken breasts are cut with a pocket and stuffed with crushed ingredients. Chicken breast chopped

Olive oil is mixed with spices and generously salted. The resultant marinade is coated with stuffed fillets and left for 30 minutes.
    Heat the oven to 180C. Chicken breasts are transferred to a refractory frying pan or baking tray, pour the remainder of the marinade. Bake the fillet "in Italian" for at least 30 minutes.

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